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Issue Name Client Lobbyist Issue Description Issue Type Last Updated Status
administrative deviation Dames Point Workboats ansbacher sidney seeking minor modification in setbacks and buffer ... 5 7/11/2019 Inactive
Murray Hill Self Storage Morales Construction Company Atwill, Jr. Fred Redevelopment of former school site 5 8/8/2019 Inactive
Caliber Collision - Mayport Cross Development LLC Atwill, Jr. Fred Conventional Rezoning, Land Use Amendment, Zoning ... 3 2/7/2017 Inactive
JPA, LLC Job Performance Associates, LLC Atwill, Jr. Fred Rezoning, Land Use Amendment, potential re-applica... 3 2/7/2017 Inactive
Sandler Oaks PUD Audrey A. Campbell & Brenda Clower Atwill, Jr. Fred Residential subdivision 5 2/7/2017 Inactive
Townsend Roofing PUD Townsend Roofing & Construction Services, Inc. Atwill, Jr. Fred Proposed PUD Rezoning 5 2/7/2017 Inactive
Establishment of family homestead Kelley Lundeen Atwill, Jr. Fred Zoning Variance necessary to establish family home... 5 6/5/2017 Inactive
2841 Doric Ave Cheryl Laucks Atwill, Jr. Fred AD & Waiver of Req Road Frontage 5 1/8/2019 Inactive
Multiple Mental Health Resource Center Bean Davis 8 5/24/2021 Inactive
Payroll Dedudction Item BMG Money Brockelman Matt Loans At Work Program 8 12/28/2015 Inactive
Enterprise Resource Planning Solution CGI Technologies and Solutions, Inc. Brockelman Matt Pending RFP 4 12/28/2015 Inactive
Energy Savings Services Siemens Corporation Brockelman Matt Pending RFP. Performance Contracting Services in s... 4 12/28/2015 Inactive
Vehicles for Hire Checker Cab & Shuttle Cockrell Joshua 1 12/14/2015 Inactive
Jacksonville Site Development Eagle LNG Partners, Inc. Cockrell Joshua General Introductions & Briefings 8 12/14/2015 Inactive
Arlington CRA Jacksonville University Cockrell Joshua 1 12/14/2015 Inactive
I.T. KPMG, LLP Cockrell Joshua 6 2/5/2016 Inactive
I.T. Oracle, Inc. Cockrell Joshua 8 12/14/2015 Inactive
General Service Information Republic Services, Inc. Cockrell Joshua General Exchange Regarding Waste Management Servic... 8 12/14/2015 Inactive
Site Development Hillwood Investment Properties Cockrell Joshua Cecil Development 8 12/14/2015 Inactive
Government Relations Jacksonville Port Authority Cockrell Joshua 8 1/8/2016 Inactive
449 Result(s) for All Inactive Issues
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